Eccletic, creative, nonconformist with a multifaceted artistic personality and an innate aesthetic sensitivity, Patrizia Carli, thanks to her tenacity and passion, creates the MISS MAS brand and becomes artistic director.

Since childhood, her fervent curiosity that distinguishes her from her, pushes her to “browse” in the family tailoring workshop, where the skilled hands of her grandmother cut, sewed and embroidered fine fabrics. Months and months of painstaking work, where white dominated. Ceremonial clothes and traditional costumes for karst weddings, an event with very distant origins.

Lace, lace, veils and embroideries are now jealously guarded in ancient trunks, precious treasures that are enriched with new textures of distant lands on every journey.

The last decades have been dotted with exciting work experiences in the fashion world and important collaborations as an interior designer. With MISS MAS, she begins an exciting chapter in her life, a woman designer, with multiple cultural interests, where even the influences of artistic studies are present and are expressed through each of her creations.

The main inspiration of her creative work is the desire to give life to a model of non-conformism, as the essence of a new and sophisticated expression of chic style and retro elegance, strictly Handmade in Italy.

MISS MAS is a true “creativity cocktail”, where freedom of expression is the watchword, for those who want to stand out for their uniqueness and originality.

“… why do you have to adapt, when you were born to stand out?”

Patrizia Carli