The pillows from the Collection “Decò”, are accessories created with precious drapery and refined upholstery fabrics from the best brands and then assembled with mastery and care in the patchwork processing.
There is perfect harmony and balance in the color choices by calculating the space partitioning and creating a playful duet that is evident in the retro trimmings and vintage fringe.
The designer, Patrizia Carli was inspired in all of her compositions by the geometrical subdivision of Mondrian and the colored backgrounds of Klee.
Her art is expressed in the colors used, the paintbrush being replaced by needle and thread in the creation of the “Elegance pillow”. The exclusive and unique tailoring of this handmade and sophisticated artifact protects it from the unrelenting decline in fashion, because it is “an accessory without time and from another time.”

(Patrizia Carli)